Mein 2019: Lieblingslieder

10 Vampire Weekend – Harmony Hall
I thought that I was free from all that questionin‘, but every time a problem ends, another one begins.

9 Gary Clark junior – What About Us
There goes the neighbourhood, one way or another. You can call it what you want, but the young blood’s taking over.

8 Von Wegen Lisbeth – Westkreuz
Der Döner ist jetzt ein Friseursalon und du weißt nichts davon.

7 Charlie Worsham feat. Old Crow Medicine Show – I Hope I’m Stoned (When Jesus Takes Me Home)
I believe he put it down here for all of us to use, a little piece of heaven to take away your blues. I know I’m far from perfect and I’ll call a sin a sin but I feel closer to the Lord every time I breathe it in.

6 KitschKrieg feat. Cro, AnnenMeyKantereit, Trettmann – 5 Minuten
Ich glaub‘, ich hab’ vor fünf Minuten aufgehört, dich zu lieben. Dann hab’ ich’s aufgeschrieben. Und mittlerweile sind es sieben.

5 Ben Harper – Uneven Days
On a bad day it isn’t better, on a good day it isn’t worse. When you and I aren’t together, love is just pain in reverse.

4 The Highwomen – Highwomen
I was a healer, I was gifted as a girl. I laid hands upon the world. Someone saw me sleeping naked in the noon sun, I heard „witchcraft“ in the whispers and I knew my time had come. The bastards hung me at the Salem gallows hill – but I am living still.

3 Trey Anastasio – Friend
When I was up, I had so many friends. When I was down, they were gone so fast. And you were always the one who stayed.

2 Weezer – High As A Kite
Way up here, no one can touch me, I’m drifting like a lost balloon. I’m out of reach and won’t be coming down any time soon, any time soon.

1 Niels Frevert – Brückengeländer
So lebe wohl, du rettungslos verlor‘nes Jahr, zieh‘ dahin mit dem Flüstern des Flusses, Strömung tief und klar. Was vergangen ist, ist vergangen und lange her, irgendwann nur noch Rost an den Händen vom Brückengeländer.

Meine zehn Lieblingslieder 2019 gibt’s hier als Spotify-Playlist.

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