Interview with Spin Doctors‘ Aaron Comess

Hier die englische Abschrift meines Interviews mit Aaron Comess von den Spin Doctors. Die Band spielt in diesen Minuten das erste Konzert ihrer Europa-Tour 2012 in Paris. Die gekürzte und überarbeitete deutsche Version unseres Gesprächs findet Ihr hier. Das Transkript findet ihr auch auf der Facebookseite des Spin Doctors Archives.

After successful tours in the UK in May and a US tour in October, this time, the Spin Doctors will be playing in mainland Europe: France, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. Aaron, is it still exciting for you guys to play your first album „Pocket Full Of Kryptonite“ in sequence in front of audiences?

It’s actually a lot of fun. It’s a great record and the songs really hold up. It’s just fun to get an opportunity to do something like that, it’s not something that we normally do. You know, there’s a good amount of the material on the record that we haven’t played in a long time. It’s nice just to celebrate: 20 years later, that we’re all around, everybody is healthy, happy and playing great. And the songs still sound fresh to us, so it’s been really fun to do it actually.

How do the fans react to this type of shows where you play the entire album in sequence?

Oh, we’ve been getting great reactions to it. Like you said, we had a great time in England earlier in the year, we just celebrated a tour in the United States, and I think people really enjoy it. Basically, we are coming out and do the full album in its entirety. I think the album is about 50 minutes long, but live, we stretch out and do drum and bass solos in “Shinbone Alley” so the whole show comes to about 75 minutes. And then, we do an encore. We’ve been coming out and doing some songs we haven’t played in a long time in the encore which has been really fun, too. So on top of getting the whole record, you gonna hear some old songs we haven’t played in a while, too.

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