Mein 2021: Lieblingslieder

10 Tom Morello feat. Ben Harper – Raising Hell
And the road is always paved with shooting stars

9 Sebastian Block – Zur Hälfte vollkommen
Pech in der Liebe und doch nie gewonnen – das Spiel meines Lebens, zur Hälfte vollkommen

8 Gov’t Mule – If Heartaches Were Nickels
If wine and pills were hundred dollar bills, I might keep you satisfied and if broken dreams werе limousines, oh, you know I might take you for a ride

7 Jake Bugg – Scene
Did I ever really hurt you? Or is it just the way you always leave?

6 Kyle Falconer – Miracle Happens
I love the way you leave me behind

5 Blues Traveler feat. John Scofield & Rita Wilson – Crazy
Ha, bless your soul. You really think you’re in control?

4 My Morning Jacket – In Color
You gotta believe it sounds better, in color. All the rainbow to hear

3 Selig – Zeitlupenzeit
Liegt es an dir oder liegt es am Geld oder liegt es am Ende dеr Welt?

2 Pinegrove – Orange
I try to warn my senator, he said that he invented it and that I should feel happy he talked to me at all

1 Fortuna Ehrenfeld – Das Imperium rudert zurück
Buongiorno, wildes Leben, ich halt das nicht mehr aus. Im Kopf so viel Ideen und die müssen halt jetzt raus

Meine zehn Lieblingslieder 2021 gibt’s hier als Spotify-Playlist.

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Mein 2011: Lieblingslieder

10 Squealing Pigs – Admiral Fallow
…and I can’t help but think, as I pick my mouth off the floor: will you still know me in a year…

9 Pumped Up Kicks – Foster The People
…you better run, better run, outrun my gun…

8 From A Distance – Madgdalene Survivors Together
…from a distance you look like my friend even though we are at war. From a distance I can’t comprehend what all this war is for…

7 Hurt So Much – John Popper & The Duskray Troubadours
…when the thing you must let go is the one you’ll always love, it can hurt so much…

6 Dream – Lenny Kravitz
…you can’t steal from me what God gave me for free…

5 Shell Games – Bright Eyes
…we’ll be everything that we ever need, everyone on the count of three, everyone on the count of three, all together now…

4 Rivers And Roads – The Head And The Heart
…nothing is as it has been and I miss your face like hell. And I guess it’s just as well, but I miss your face like hell…

3 Küchensee – Niels Frevert
…Scherben bringen Glück und Glück bringt Scherben und ich geh‘ und hole Besen und Feudel…

2 Friend – The View
…and I can change but I can’t change yesterday…

1 Don’t Carry It All – The Decemberists
…so raise a glass to turnings of the season and watch it as it arcs towards the sun…

Meine zehn Lieblingslieder 2011 gibt’s hier als Spotify-Playlist.