Mein 2014: Lieblingslieder

Damien Rice - My Favorite Faded Fantasy (2014)

10 Hudson Taylor – Battles
Though you may have won the battle, but I’ll take the fight to you. And your flag is on the ground and your bones they rattle, too.

9 Marcus Wiebusch – Der Tag wird kommen
Aber ja, es wird besser und der Tag ist in Sicht. Einer wird es schaffen, aber ich bin es nicht.

8 George Ezra – Get Lonely With Me
Well I don’t need petroleum and I don’t need no power, no I don’t need no fancy boots to get me from town to town.

7 Spaceman Spiff – Mind The Gap
Und alles, was sie uns mitgegeben haben, ist ‚Ausstieg in Fahrtrichtung links‘.

6 Morrissey & Marshall – You Are Who You Are
And your mind’s no use once sedated, so open it up! Let them know that you are who you are and you’re happy. You’re the writer, creator and soul, there’s no one like you.

5 Hozier – Take Me To Church
In the madness and soil of that sad earthly scene, only then I am human only then I am clean.

4 ClickClickDecker – Was kommt wenn nichts kommen will
Zwei linke Augen, wenn sich Strukturen vermischen, gut gemeint oder wirklich: es gibt nichts dazwischen. Wie viel wir vergessen, was wir glauben zu wissen, an den Folgen verzweifeln und immer weniger müssen.

3 Sinéad O’Connor – Your Green Jacket
Even though I know I’m not for you, is it ok to say I really do adore you? And I would give anything to be the one who kisses you.

2 Strand Of Oaks – JM
Either get out or stay in, I won’t let these dark times win: we got your sweet tunes to play.

1 Damien Rice – I Don’t Want To Change You
Wherever you are, you know that I adore you. No matter how far, well, I can go before you. And if ever you need someone, well, not that you need helping, but if ever you want someone, you know that I am willing.

Meine zehn Lieblingslieder 2014 gibt’s hier als Spotify-Playlist.

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