Mein 2011: Lieblingslieder

10 Squealing Pigs – Admiral Fallow
…and I can’t help but think, as I pick my mouth off the floor: will you still know me in a year…

9 Pumped Up Kicks – Foster The People
…you better run, better run, outrun my gun…

8 From A Distance – Madgdalene Survivors Together
…from a distance you look like my friend even though we are at war. From a distance I can’t comprehend what all this war is for…

7 Hurt So Much – John Popper & The Duskray Troubadours
…when the thing you must let go is the one you’ll always love, it can hurt so much…

6 Dream – Lenny Kravitz
…you can’t steal from me what God gave me for free…

5 Shell Games – Bright Eyes
…we’ll be everything that we ever need, everyone on the count of three, everyone on the count of three, all together now…

4 Rivers And Roads – The Head And The Heart
…nothing is as it has been and I miss your face like hell. And I guess it’s just as well, but I miss your face like hell…

3 Küchensee – Niels Frevert
…Scherben bringen Glück und Glück bringt Scherben und ich geh‘ und hole Besen und Feudel…

2 Friend – The View
…and I can change but I can’t change yesterday…

1 Don’t Carry It All – The Decemberists
…so raise a glass to turnings of the season and watch it as it arcs towards the sun…

Meine zehn Lieblingslieder 2011 gibt’s hier als Spotify-Playlist.

Autor: Daniel Heinze

radio guy, pr consultant, traveller, music enthusiast: 2% jazz & 98% funky stuff.

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