Sean Giblin (1963-2006)

Traurige Nachrichten aus der Spin Doctors-Community: heute erreichte mich eine Mail von SD-Intimus Dan Levy zum Tod des engen Bandfreundes Sean Giblin. Sean war Taper, Soundingenieur und Vertrauter der Band und verstarb gestern. Hier Dan’s eMail:

Sean Giblin (1963-2006). Sean Giblin died on November 27 after suffering from cancer. Sean was my first friend in the Nightingale Bar/Wetlands scene that spawned so many great friendships and so many great times. We met as fellow music lovers across the counter at my local CD shop, Smash Compact Discs on St. Marks Place, where Sean worked in the late 1980s. After seeing Blues Traveler and Spin Doctors on two successive nights in December 1989, I told Sean about these incredible new bands. It turned out he had heard of them already. Before long, Sean and I were spending a lot of time following the bands around, and he began his life’s pursuit of live audio recording and sound engineering. Very quickly, Sean became a highly valued and sought-after engineer, a career which began and thrived strictly out of his great passion for live music. […]

I am sitting here thinking about a few memorable moments in which Sean and I acknowledged we were privileged to be part of such a powerful and inspiring musical world, among them the Blues Bake in Greenwich, Connecticut, in 1990, and a show on Sean’s 30th birthday at the Warfield in San Francisco. But there were so many. I look forward to seeing some old friends at the Art Bar this Thursday and sharing some laughs and memories. […] (Quelle)

Tim Vega, Arnie Lawrence, Frankie de la Rocka, Chris Whitley und jetzt Sean – die Trauerfälle im Umfeld der Spin Doctors- und Blues Traveler-Szene schmerzen sehr.

Ich habe mich mit Sean ein einziges Mal per eMail unterhalten und ihn als einen sehr integeren, sympathischen Freund der Band kennen gelernt. Schade, dass er nicht mehr da ist. Rest in peace, Sean.

Chris Barron feat. John Popper – Laraby’s Gang (live 2002)
Spin Doctors – Tonight You Could Steal Me Away (live 2005)
Chris Barron & The Give Daddy 5 – At The Stable (live 2000)
Blues Traveler – Sun And The Storm (studio, 1999)

Autor: Daniel Heinze

radio guy, pr consultant, traveller, music enthusiast: 2% jazz & 98% funky stuff.

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