Trackliste für US-Promi-Kinderlieder-CD ist da

Die neue CD mit Liedern der US-Kinderbuchautorin Sandra Boynton (siehe Bericht Mitte April hier im dunkelblau Weblog) nimmt allmählich Gestalt an – hier der aktuelle Statusreport von Boyntons Internetseite:

You heard it here first, unless you already heard it elsewhere. Album
# 3 won out as the Gnext Big Thing, narrowly ooching out the Nose Cozy
initiative. Entitled Dog Train, this will be a renegade rock album for
children. The full-color book/CD set is scheduled for release by
Workman Publishing in October, 2005. Here’s the status report:

1. Tantrum?Spin Doctors recorded
2. Boring Song?Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme recorded
3. Dog Train?Blues Traveler recorded
4. Thus Quacked Zarathustra?The O.K. Chorale recorded
5. Sneakers??Mark Lanegan to record in May
6. Cow Planet?Billy J. Kramer recorded
7. Pots and Pans?Bacon Brothers & Mickey Hart recorded
8. I Need a Nap?Weird Al Yankovic & Kate Winslet recorded
9. Evermore?Alison Krauss recorded
10. (Don’t Give Me That) Broccoli [artist not yet selected}
11. Penguin Lament??John Ondrasik of Five For Fighting recorded
12. When a Hippo Can Dance [artist not yet selected}
13. Hip-Hop Potamus [artist not yet selected}
14. Dragonfire [artist not yet selected}
15. Wave Bye-Bye??Hadassah Luther recorded
16. Rock to Sleep 54??Hootie and the Blowfish recorded

Ziemlich krude Mischung, dürfte aber ein echt unterhaltsames Album werden…

Autor: Daniel Heinze

radio guy, pr consultant, traveller, music enthusiast: 2% jazz & 98% funky stuff.

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