Gib mir Musik: Chris and Kate – Resist War

Chris Brown und Kate Fenner sind ein Singer-/Songwriter-Duo, ursprünglich aus Kanada, jetzt in den USA lebend. „Resist War“ ist ein Lied, das unter dem Eindruck des beginnenden Irak-Krieges geschrieben wurde. Ein Protestsong, ja. Aber kein Kitsch, keine peinlichen Plattitüden, sondern ein hervorragend geschriebenes und auch begnadet dargebotenes Lied.

Chris and Kate – Resist War (mp3-Download)

I will resist war
I will not be seduced by hate
I’ll live in service
the only enemy is my own heart
should I decide too late
to challenge the very name
for what is war
but rich spending poor inside a game

it’s not just the bullets
it’s more than cannons in a field
it’s the brutal fabric
sewn by every crooked deal
and the loose threads of justice
pulled for this contest we are in
for what is life
if it takes them to die for us to win

are you listening?
there is a prophet in our midst
it is the corpse
a dead hand curled into a fist
will you ignore
the timeless story of the name
of what war is
and how it all turns out the same

oh truth–what’s to be done?
they’ve made a liar of everyone

and every tyrant
is built a dollar at a time
so here’s your hitler–
standing on nickles and on dimes
oh the crimes
being done everyday
and nothing’s changing
it’s all perpetuating hate

one more lie
one more battle
one more grave
war without end
and if the willing and the brave
and the deaths of millions
has promised no relief
then i take my life
and place it on the side of peace.

© b-music, 2003

Autor: Daniel Heinze

radio guy, pr consultant, traveller, music enthusiast: 2% jazz & 98% funky stuff.

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